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 Cui Yuqing,Yang Liuyan,Miao Aijun*.Application of zebrafish in nanotoxicology:a review[J].Journal of Nanjing University(Natural Sciences),2017,53(2):316.[doi:10.13232/j.cnki.jnju.2017.02.013]





Application of zebrafish in nanotoxicology:a review
Cui YuqingYang LiuyanMiao Aijun*
State Key Laboratory of Pollution Control and Resources Reuse,School of the Environment,Nanjing University,Nanjing,210023,China
纳米材料斑马鱼毒 性纳米毒理学
随着纳米科技的发展,纳米材料的应用愈加广泛,其环境排放量日益增大,因此环境中纳米材料的生态安全与健康风险越来越受到重视.在毒理学研究应用上,斑马鱼(Danio rerio)作为模式生物的优势十分明显,本文对此进行了总结.然而,如何利用不同生长阶段的斑马鱼对纳米材料进行毒理学研究还在探索之中,相关研究尚集中于毒性终点的描述,致毒机制的挖掘还不够深入,毒性评价还未成体系且缺乏规范.已有研究表明,纳米材料的物理化学特性(例如化学组成、尺寸、形状、表面性质和溶解特性)对斑马鱼毒性效应的影响显著,归纳分析了近十年来的相关研究成果.最后对斑马鱼的纳米毒理学最新研究进展进行归纳汇总,介绍目前这方面研究的难点与空白,并对斑马鱼纳米毒理学的未来研究进行展望.
With the rapid development of nanoscience and nanotechnology,the number of nanomaterial?containing products in the market is increasing,and so is its amount in the environment.Therefore,there has been an increase in awareness of the potential risks of ecological safety and environmental health associated with nanomaterials.Zebrafish(Danio rerio)is widely used as a model organism in toxicological studies,with remarkable advantages summarized here.However,application of zebrafish at different growth stages in nanotoxicology is still in its infancy and its toxicity test procedure needs to be standardized.Limited studies show that physicochemical properties of nanomaterials(e.g.,composition,size,shape,surface property,and dissolution)play critical roles in their toxicity to zebrafish.In this review,current nanotoxicological studies using zebrafish as the objective organism have been summarized.The research gaps and future challenges in this field have also been discussed.


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