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[1]邱念庭,陈胜利,袁 飞*,等.组合chirp信号在水下声基站定位信号冲突避免中的应用研究[J].南京大学学报(自然科学),2017,53(4):667.[doi:10.13232/j.cnki.jnju.2017.04.007]
 Qiu Nianting,Chen Shengli,Yuan Fei,et al.Application of combined chirp signal in collision avoidance of underwater acoustic station positioning signals[J].Journal of Nanjing University(Natural Sciences),2017,53(4):667.[doi:10.13232/j.cnki.jnju.2017.04.007]





Application of combined chirp signal in collision avoidance of underwater acoustic station positioning signals
邱念庭陈胜利袁 飞*程 恩
Qiu Nianting Chen ShengliYuan FeiCheng En*
Key Laboratory of Underwater Acoustic Communication and Marine Information Technology Ministry of Education in Xiamen University,Xiamen,361005,China
acoustic positioninglinear frequency modulationcombined slopefractional fourier transform
In underwater acoustic base station positioning,the positioning signal sent by each base station is affected by multi-path effect and so on,so it is easy to generate signal collision access phenomenon in the user terminal.The resulting signal loss or access blocking is a limiting factor in the application of acoustic base station positioning.Through signal structure design to reduce the impact of conflict is the main way of the acoustic base station positioning.Classical signal structure is mainly sine and cosine as a carrier of positioning signals.However,the dual dispersion characteristics of the underwater acoustic channel will lead to the selective fading of the signal in time and frequency domain,which will affect the stability of the single frequency carrier spread spectrum signal.Therefore,sine and cosine as the carrier of positioning signal does not apply to the underwater acoustic channel.In this paper,through the rational design of combined slope of the linear frequency modulation(chirp)signal,and as a positioning signal of each base station to improve anti-collision ability of location system.In order to improve the detection efficiency of chirp signal in the application of signal collision in acoustic base station,this paper proposes a rapid detection method based on Fractional Fourier Transform of mixed variable slope.This method can change the slope of the combined slope signal to symmetric triangular wave signal,so that a fixed detection slope can be configured for each base station positioning signal,and through the fast fractional fourier transform for multi-user separation based on slope detection,so as to improve the efficiency of the solution.The theoretical derivation and simulation experiments show that this method can better detect the positioning signal of the acoustic base station,estimate the location time delay difference,reduce the multiple access interference,and improve the performance of positioning signal detection.


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