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 Lyu Wansheng,Zhu Lingli,Wu Xiandeng,et al.Expression,purification and characterization of hVDAC1 in E.coli[J].Journal of Nanjing University(Natural Sciences),2016,52(4):609.[doi:10.13232/j.cnki.jnju.2016.04.005]





Expression,purification and characterization of hVDAC1 in E.coli
吕万胜12朱伶俐12吴先登1王泽南1郭文洁3高 静3华子春12*郑伟娟12*
Lyu Wansheng12Zhu Lingli12Wu Xiandeng1Wang Ze’nan1Guo Wenjie3Gao Jing3Hua Zichun12*Zheng Weijuan12*
1.School of Life Science,Nanjing University,Nanjing,210023,China;2.State Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology,Nanjing,210023,China;3.School of Pharmacology,Jiangsu University,Zhenjiang,212013
voltage­dependent anion channelexpressionCircular Dichroismliposome
Voltage­dependent anion channel(VDAC)is the most abundant protein found in the outer membrane of mitochondria,playing crucial roles not only in the regulation of metabolic and energetic functions of mitochondria,but also in mitochondria­mediated apoptosis,thus involved in the development of certain diseases including cancer and neurodegenerative disorders.Among the three versions of VDAC which have been identified in mammals,VDAC1 is the one with the highest expression level and widely distribution in various tissues.The highly conservative property of VDAC1 makes it an excellent target for therapies of various diseases including anti­cancer intervention.Acquiring enough VDAC1 protein is the first step for further study of its structure and function relationship,as well as the screen of molecules interacting with VDAC1.Isolation of VDAC1 from various tissues encountered apparent contradictions,such as complicated purification processes and low yield.Therefore,expression and purification of recombinant VDAC1 in E.coli is a realistic approach to obtain large amount of protein for further research.In this study,recombinant protein hVDAC1,with C­terminal His­tag,was expressed and purified from E.coli with high purity.The recombinant protein forms inclusion bodies when expressed in E.coli.After sonication and centrifugation,inclusion bodies were collected and denatured by high concentration guanidine hydrochloride.Purified by NTA­Ni affinity chromatography and renatured by dialysis,hVDAC1 with high purity was obtained.The CD spectrum shows that the purified hVDAC1 adopts a similar folded conformation with high β­sheet content,consistent with the previous studies.The specific binding of FITC­labeled hVDAC1 to liposome or cell plasma membrane were confirmed by flow cytometry assay.These results show that the hVDAC1 protein we expressed and purified has the characteristic structure and function of membrane protein,and may provide a basis for further study.


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