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 Chen Danyang,Zhang Qiukun,Zhong Jianfeng,et al.Enhanced optical coherence tomography for vibration and thermal deformation measurement based on spectrum correction technique[J].Journal of Nanjing University(Natural Sciences),2014,50(2):167.[doi:10.13232/j.cnki.jnju.2014.02.008]





Enhanced optical coherence tomography for vibration and thermal deformation measurement based on spectrum correction technique
(1. 漳州职业技术学院,漳州,363000;2. 福州大学机械工程及自动化学院,福州,350108; 3. 华东理工大学承压系统安全科学教育部重点实验室,上海,200237; 4. 福建省医疗器械和医药技术重点实验室,福州,350000; 5. 英国利物浦大学电气电子工程系,英国 L69 3GJ
Chen Danyang1 Zhang Qiukun2 Zhong Jianfeng2 Guo Jinquan2 Zhong Shuncong234 Shen Yaochun5 Yao Ligang2
(1. Zhangzhou Institute of Technology, Zhangzhou,363000, China; 2. School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Fuzhou University, Fuzhou, 350108,China; 3. Key Laboratory of Safety Science of Pressurized System of Ministry of Education, Shanghai, 200237,China; 4. Fujian Key Lab of Medical Instrument and Pharmaceutical Technology, Fuzhou, 350000,China; 5. Department of Electrical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, University of Liverpool, UK L69 3GJ)
enhanced optical coherence tomographyspectrum correction techniquenon-contact vibration measurementreal-time calibration of PZT actuators
An enhanced Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography (EOCT) based on spectrum correction technique is developed and employed in non-contact measurement of structural vibration and thermal deformation, and real-time calibration of PZT actuators. The EOCT system used a broadband CCD-based spectrometer and a short-coherence white light source. Due to the broadband of the spectrometer and light source, the system provided high robust performance with an excellent measurement resolution of 0.9. Because of the energy leakage effect of FFT, a spectrum correction technique was employed to enhance the resolution of the EOCT system. The detection resolution for vibration and thermal deformation measurement could be up to 0.1. From the experimental results, the self-developed EOCT has great potential applications in non-contact structural vibration, thermal deformation measurement, and real-time calibration of PZT actuators


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