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[1]沈昆**,张泽明.,Santosh M,等. 西藏拉萨地体冈底斯岩基紫苏花岗岩中的 高密度C02包裹体成因及其地质意义* [J].南京大学学报(自然科学),2012,48(3):278-294.
 Shen Kun,Zhang Ze-Ming,Santosh M,et al. Origin and geological significance of high-density CO2 fluid inclusions in Charnockites from the Gangdese batholith, Lhasa terrane,southern Tibet [J].Journal of Nanjing University(Natural Sciences),2012,48(3):278-294.





 Origin and geological significance of high-density CO2 fluid
inclusions in Charnockites from the Gangdese batholith,
Lhasa terrane,southern Tibet
 沈昆1**张泽明2.3 Santosh M4 董听2
3.中国地质大学(武汉)地质作用和矿物资源国际重点实验室,武汉,430074;4. Department of Natural
Environmental Science, Faculty of Science, Kochi University, Akebono-cho, Kochi 780一8520,Japan)
 Shen Kun1Zhang Ze-Ming 23Santosh M4Dong Xin2
 (1 .institute of Geological Sciences of Shandong, Jinan, 250013,China; 2,Institute of Geology, Chinese
Academy of Geological Sciences,Beijing 100037,China; 3. State Key Laboratory of Geological Processes
and Mineral Resources, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan 430074,China; 4. Department of Natural
Environmental Science, Faculty of Science, Kochi University, Akebono-cho, Kochi 780一8520,Japan)
 charnockitecarbonic fluid inclusion Gangdcsc batholith Lhasa terraneTibet
 产于西藏拉萨地体东南部冈底斯岩基中的紫苏花岗岩侵入体具有低水活度的矿物组合,富含CO2:流体包裹体.形成紫苏花岗岩所需要的低水活度条件主要是受到含CO2:流体带入的控制.通过对产于冈底斯岩基紫苏花岗岩中CO2:流体包裹体的岩相学观察、显微测温和激光拉曼光谱分析,确定了其组成和密度.结果表明碳质(CO2)流体包裹体是在紫苏花岗岩结晶过程中捕获的,其等容线通过了由矿物温压计估算的P-T条件(850?C,-950?C, 0. 75-1. 0GPa),随后经历了短期近等压降温作用和地
体快速降起的影响.石英中的高密度碳质流体包裹体(密度最高可达1. 1 4g/cm3;)提供了证据表明,拉萨地体麻粒岩相变质和紫苏花岗岩侵位期间有富CO2:流体的参与.富CO2:流体包裹体的产出及其形成的高温高压条件可能说明在紫苏花岗岩的形成机制与洋中脊俯冲过程中的脱水熔融和渗滤有关.
 Charnockits, occurring as intrusive rocks in the Gangdese batholith in the southeastern Lhasa terrane are characterized by the presence of dry mineral assemblage.The anhydrous conditions required for the formation of charnockites arc thought to be controlled by the lowering of water activity through the influx of CO2一bearing fluids.Through petrographic, microthermometric studies and Raman analysis of CO2一rich fluid inclusions in the charnockite samples from the Uangdese batholith,we have characterized the composition and density of the fluids during the crystallization of the charnockites. Our results indicate that the carbonic fluid inclusions were trapped during the crystallization of the charnockites and its isochores pass through the P-T conditions around 850 ?C一
950 ?C and 0. 75一1. 0 GPa as estimated by mineral thermobarometry data. High-density carbonic fluid inclusions (up to 1. 14g/cm3;)in quartz provide potential evidence for the involvement of CO2一rich fluid during granulite facics metamorphism in the Lhasa terrane. Occurrence of Co2一rich inclusions and elevated P-T conditions open up the possibility favoring the mechanism of vapour-deficient dehydration melting accompanied by CO2 infiltration to account for charnockite formation in the ocean ridge subduction process.


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